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So he had a girlfriend and told me he loves me watch

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    I worked with this guy lets call him Sean, we got chatting blah blah blah and starting to fall for each other. I knew he had a girlfriend but we were pretth much just friends although i felt sparks i wasnt sure if he did or not. We texted all the time after work and through the night. On a works night out we ended up sleeping together. After that it was all just the same, it then happened again after another night out. One night he invited me out to meet his brothers and cousins. It was all totally wrong. On a christmas night out he told me he loved me and it threw me a little and i told him i couldnt do it anymore and it wasnt fair on his girlfriend and if he wasnt happy he should leave her instead of being so sneaky. She found out and stayed with him, yet at work we still had a flirty banter. We went out for a works night out last night and we kissed in one of the bars and i went home to text messages of him telling me that he loves me. In the morning i woke up to a text saying it was all a mistake and how he needs to stop talking to me, i agreed and said it was getting too heated again. He later messaged me saying his girlfriend had read all the messages he sent me and text me saying that and that he wants to see me again. We undoubtedly have great chemistry but i dont think i love him and i certainly dont want to be in this love triangle, i feel so sorry for her because i cant understand why she hasnt left him? She literally knows everything! I have ended it twice now and it all seems to stem from no where again. Before you start i understand the situation im in and i want out. How do i get this out my system and get over it? I know he is a cheat and ive told him a million times that if he was with me i would have left him, matters of the heart are confusing and our chemistry is ridiculous. I dont know what to do!

    Tell him it's over because you don't love him and you think that what he's doing to his girlfriend is wrong.

    Then block him on everything (all social media and his number) and delete his details.

    If you see him at work, be civil and professional and if he brings up anything personal explain to him that if he doesn't drop it you will walk away. If you see him socially, straight up stay away from him. Cut him out of your life as much as possible.

    If someone is causing hurt or you just don't want them in your life anymore you are allowed to decide they no longer have a part in it.

    She, too, must be in love. That is the only reason which I can think of to explain why someone would stay with a cheater.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    It was all totally wrong
    Yet you did it anyway

    I certainly dont want to be in this love triangle
    So don't be

    i feel so sorry for her
    Little late for an attack of conscience, dear :rolleyes:

    How do i get this out my system and get over it?
    I dont know what to do!
    Ask yourself what kind of character you are dealing with. Then ask yourself whether this is a character you should value
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    To be fair you're a as bad as him. You knowingly slept with someone who was taken. Nice

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    i cant understand why she hasnt left him?
    I can't understand why you done it multiple times. Once can be a mistake but come on now. :unimpressed:

    If you feel so sorry for her, stop the flirtations with him, stop kissing him, stop sleeping with him. It takes two to tango. He clearly is the type to play around despite being in a relationship, but you know full well he has a girlfriend and can CHOOSE not to encourage him further.
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