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Chevening Scholarship - Has someone not come back to your home country?

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I don't think you can do PhD right away after conclusion of your study. It has clearly specified as part of your obligation according to the Chevening Awards policy, as it may results as the breach of scholarship and you have to pay it all back.

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Original post by Mr. Ve
I am also trying to see if i can do my PhD here ( University of Birmingham ) and i am also a chevening scholar as well. I want to do my PhD here but the good ones are already taken and trying to see if i can work and raise the cash on my own ( 15,000 ). But i really hope Chevening is ok with this, i really can't return to my country and miss an opportunity like this. :/

Any thoughts?

Could you tell me what happened with you?
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I don't think Chevening would allow anyone to study another course or to work in the UK right after the scholarship, that's clearly stated in their guidance.

If you apply for a visa to stay in the UK - without the consent letter from Chevening - it would simply be rejected, and risking being penalised for trying so. Permitting this to someone would cause a chain response from applicants demanding to be treated in the same way.
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