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Good Afternoon, Good People,

This is my first message. In the coming days and weeks ahead I will be available to answer questions or share advice with those of you who are considering a career in the Energy and Utility Sector.

A few key details:

Who am I and who do I work for?

My name is Aidan and I work for a membership organisation called Energy and Utility Skills.

As a membership body we support 67 leading energy and utility companies; Attract, Develop and Assure their workforce. In essence, we aid the companies we work with gain access to talented individuals from a range of different backgrounds with diverse skill sets. We also play a pivotal role in developing existing staff to ensure that our companies have the individuals they need to be both competent and competitive within the UK and globally.

Am I a recruiter?

Not really. My role at the moment is a pretty unique one. I work closely with businesses (link below) and work with key bodies and partners to raise visibility of career/ work/ training opportunities for new entrants to the sector.

Why am I here?

As I highlighted above. Really keen to engage with people who are interested in our sector or to answer questions about what it's like to work in the sector. And where possible to link people and opportunities.

Want to engage with us?

I manage a platform called Talent Source Network on behalf of the Energy and Utility Sector. The platform is new, innovative and a place where individuals can engage directly with businesses to learn more about them, the latest sector news and apply for opportunities.

Companies we support/ learn more - https://www.talentsourcenetwork.co.u...yers-directory

Join network - https://secure.talentsourcenetwork.c...5-a68000e3dab0

It's important that people are aware, I do not work directly for any of the above companies and will remain impartial - I will not recommend one company over another.

I cannot answer any questions on; billing or potential disputes - I am here to help people learn about the sector and the companies we support ONLY.

Really happy to; answer any questions, support people join our talent pool, help individuals register interest in our careers.


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