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Am I normal? watch

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    First of all, I get the we are all unique and special ********. Second if this sounds arrogant or anything like that, I'm genuinely sorry.
    So I'm 16, male and started sixth form last week and I've noticed I'm completely different from everyone else.

    Like, they all talk about football and sport and idk gaming and I obviously don't follow those things. I genuinely have no interest in them.

    If you were to ask me my hobbies here they are.
    • reading- i can easily get engrossed in a good book but my tastes aren't normal. I read classics, like I read War and Peace before Harry Potter, no one reads more advanced texts in my 6th form. I doubt many people have even heard of the titles/authors of said books.
    • music- classical to be exact. I started learning the clarinet as from 8, moved on to the piano and violin too. the thing is if I were to show anyone in my 6th form they would probably laugh in my face. I love going to the Royal Opera house too, but imagine me on a monday morning being like yep I went to see the Barber of Seville- it was amazing I don't think many people would be particularly interested.
    • learning- pathetic I know- but I love learning languages, over the summer I had a stab at learning Russian and it probably was the thing i enjoyed the most. I'm the only one in my entire 6th form that likes learning languages.
    To me, this doesn't sound like a 16 year old boy's hobbies. I should like football and gaming and rap music. idk. it's not like I don't have friends but I don't seem to connect to them like I feel like I should. Even the teachers have noticed this- I appreciate it, they treat me like an adult which i haven't noticed them doing with other student

    idk maybe this thread was pointless. I guess what I'm trying to get at is, is this normal? Should I try and change to fit in more?

    Again I'm sorry if this came off as pompous, I think the people in my 6th form aren't stupid or anything- just a bit closed minded and quite horrible at times.

    I'm different, I don't really fit in, I still have friends, but should I change to fit in with the overall vibe of my 6th form.
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    no, you shouldn't change. you're coming off as a bit arrogant over the books you read, of course people have heard of war and peace. just because you enjoy a different genre of books to the majority it doesn't put you above anyone else, nor does it mean you're an outcast by default. you have friends, so i don't really see an issue. just do what you enjoy and appreciate that other people have different interests and it doesn't make them any better than you, or vice versa.

    Lots of people are interested in reading , music etc. Just because the folk you've met so far at school aren't doesn't mean you aren't 'normal'.

    It's quite odd in the UK. Somehow some boys have boxed themselves into a corner - as you say apparently football, sport etc. are to some boys the only interests they think they can have. Poor souls - what limited lives they must lead.

    Reading, art, music ( especially classical and singing), dance especially ballet, horse riding, even studying at all ,are girly. Madness.

    Other nationalities don't have the same hang ups. Italian and Russian men love music and especially singing. The Welsh do too.
    No Russian man would think dancing especially ballet, was not supremely doable. Think Cossacks .
    Spanish men love horse riding! ( BTW this idea that horse riding is girly is really weird - men used to ride / hunt all the time! and weren't the cavalry male?)

    You have to think that these boys are really showing their vulnerability, lack of confidence. They can't branch out but need friends' approval for their every activity. This is not how civilisation develops. It needs people who can think for themselves and push the boundaries. Not sheep.
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