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    So for ICT this year I have to create a solution for a real business basically make them a computerised system. I have to go and interview them and ask how their system works and collect forms. I have some questions ready however my teacher said to improve your grade you should find a specific problem with the businesses system and create a solution however I'm having trouble on what problem I could do. The business I'm doing supply housing materials to construction companies. Thanks for the help

    I can't answer the question directly, but think about their business. They will take orders probably produced by a salesman. Those orders will then go to the warehouse where they are collated, packed onto a truck and delivered. Chances are, if they are a traditional business, the order is written on a piece of paper which is sent to the office to be logged and an invoice produced, then passed to the warehouse so that the materials can be collated and dispatched. What happens if that piece of paper goes missing, or doesn't have all the necessary information i.e. customer address etc? Is there a better solution?

    As above really, paper can be a big weakness. You'd probably be better asking the business, or better yet, the employees if you can. It may be worth speaking to someone working on collation if they're using RF scanners, there tends to be room for improvement with them.
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Updated: September 18, 2016
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