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Old man at work being really friendly-weird!! watch


    (Original post by Thelfo)
    If you go with the fake boyfriend approach, best make him a professional boxer or a cop. Just for added oomph.

    That made me laugh..

    To the OP: Like all the others said, tell your manager and explain everything the old man is doing and how you feel about it. You could also get a male friend to pretend to be your boyfriend and get him to visit you at work or ring you...:p:

    I don't see anything all that wrong with it; he's just a lonely old man who wants someone to talk to. Why is everyone behaving like he's tied her up in his cupboard?

    OP - If you think he might be interested in you sexually, just tell him straight up that you're not interested and that you prefer men your own age, and if he keeps talking to you so much, just let him know you find it a bit awkward.

    There, what's the problem?

    (Original post by Sync)
    We had a bloke like this at our work that all the girls really hated - he made ridiculously sexual jokes and was quite perverted. They complained about him and that (along with the fact he was crap at his job) got him fired within 10 days of starting!
    This guy isn't being perverted or sexually explicit from what the OP says. He's done absolutely nothing wrong and is just a bit over-friendly.

    Talking about complaining to people and making allusions to getting him fired is really quite vicious.
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    Thanks for the replies everyone!! I've made work colleagues aware of what has been going on, I think one of them is going to have a word with my manager to let her know, I'd just find it embarrassing telling her. Really starting to worry me though...still hasn't taken hints that I don't want to meet him out of work, phone him, somehow he thinks I really like him:confused: He asked me whether I like him a little bit or liked him a lot:eek: I asked him what sort of a question he called that. He keeps going on about how he really wants to meet up out of work with me, how he really likes me, and how he hasn't got a girlfriend, and I haven't got a boyfriend(why would he bring this up in normal conversation???) He even phoned in when he was off sick to talk to me, and says if I have any spare time at work, to call him for a chat...also told me not to mention to other work colleagues he talks to me(I have told them!!)Was talking to another colleague who says he has been warned before....I feel I need to say something to make him back off, but what can I say though, I'm not interested in him at all, glad he is outbased and doesn't work in the office, I really don't like him.
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