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    I have to perform a monologue for Drama, of which I have chosen. I did not write this but i do want some help with editing it, as i feel it needs tweaking. Swearing is not so much of an issue but i would like some opinions on that too, as this is for A/S. Any edits and advice on how i should perform this will be much appreciated! thankyou in advance, monologue is as follows.


    Did you ever do that thing, when you were a kid,
    and you still liked to play with words,
    so you would say the same one
    over and over and over
    until all you were hearing was sounds and not the sense of things,
    you were just making noises with your face
    but it was so strange
    to think that your mouth could make that sound?
    The first word I remember making mean nothing was pilot.
    I was about seven years old.
    I found it in a book and read it
    over and over and over
    Pilot, pilot, pilot, pilot
    until what the hell was I even saying,
    what was a pilot, and why did we call them that,
    and why did it sound like an infectious skin disease if you said it more than four times in a row?
    The next word I remember mutilating was
    I heard it everywhere,
    in the subterranean murmuring of strange couples at restaurants,
    in the spreadsheet charts of your friendly neighborhood doctor’s office,
    behind the masked words of my friends and teachers and
    total strangers that I thought were saying things
    about a person they hadn’t even noticed was in the room.
    I started speaking a different language
    than everyone around me
    for whom fat was just fat
    -is fat just fat for anybody?
    -I was bilingual
    in English and
    My language didn’t have a dictionary.
    You translate it by instinct.
    You look great.Translation: you looked way better before,
    but you look fat now,
    and I’m trying to be nice.
    The road to pulling the verbal trigger
    is paved with intended compliments.
    Saying nothing would have been better.
    If you want to gain weight, you should start eating more protein.Silent response:
    Thanks, Doctor Oz.
    If you want to cut off your arm,
    I’ll go get you the best saw from the tool shed out back.
    It’s that easy.
    You did tell me you’ve got a nasty paper cut.
    Why not go all the way?
    Gotta admire your willpower. I mean, you always eat so healthy.Meaning:
    I am always watching you eat,
    and I’m quietly judging every bite you force yourself
    to put into your mouth,
    waiting for you to slip up and inhale that sleeve of Oreos
    while the devil on your shoulder is whispering
    for you to sell your soul to Trans Fats.
    Those whispers you thought you heard in the restaurant?
    They were real.
    How about you try starting therapy.To be followed by,
    How about you try seeing a different therapist,and then
    How about maybe you stop going to therapy.How about I start starting and stopping seeing a therapist.
    Your coping mechanisms are not responding.
    Have you tried turning it on and off again?
    If you don’t try harder to get better, you never will.Response: Thank you.
    That was a mother****ing
    Do you mind if I take notes?
    They gave you a PhD to tell people that?
    I write my check and smile
    and vow never to come back.
    The voices have taken a Sharpie to my vocabulary
    and every second definition from the top
    has been replaced with
    worthless slash hopeless slash not good enough slash failure slash disappointment slash
    slashYou know what?
    I’m through repeating myself.I want you to hear my voice rise up like a phoenix,
    a phoenix that doesn’t care if being a phoenix is a cliche because that’s what it is,I’m a mother****ing phoenix.And if you know the rhythm of bilingual repetition,
    self-translating self-destruction with an eating-disorder-to-English dictionary,
    that if anybody anybody tells you that recovery isn’t possible
    they can go **** themselves
    and I will burn anyone who tries to say it with the flames of my mother****ing phoenix wings,
    because I’m coming up on one year and five months
    and I am alive,
    and nothing I say is repetition,
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