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Hi everyone! I'm new here but have been reading some forums and they're so informative!

I have an Interview tomorrow and on Friday and next week for an Administration Apprenticeship in NHS hospital
This is my dream at the moment to land this opportunity and opportunities like this don't come around often

I'm so nervous when it comes to interviews. When i get asked a question I'm able to say about 3 facts and my mind goes blank after. I'm not good with remembering things and keeping them locked in my brain. I'm trying to find ways to improve this by recording audios and listening to them over and over

I've looked at their Trust Values and wrote down some important facts about the hospital, I've searched up some questions but I have no idea what kind of questions they'll be asking me.

I went to an interview recently for the same thing and was unsuccessful so I want to prepare myself and get some tips and advice.

Could anyone thats been successful in business admin in the NHS or if you have done some interviews give me examples of some of the questions they might ask and what they expect and are looking for and how I can improve my chances

Thank you beforehand and any help will be appreciated!

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