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Damn I get the same problem a lot, honestly I think the only cure is taking sleeping pills (I use Sominex) so you sleep long as hell. And also it puts you in a deep sleep as opposed to the half-ass sleep you normally get where you get woken up by the littlest things
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Sometimes it's just genetics. My entire family have dark eyebags.

I've reduced mine significantly after sorting out my sleep schedule after years of sleeping no sooner than 2am.
How come you can't sleep sooner than midnight? I started taking these 5htp tablets and they helped me fix my sleep schedule entirely.

After sleep the main thing is to increase your water intake. Try to drink 2L a day. I notice improvements when I drink a lot of water consistently, though it's usually more like 1L a day.
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I have dark under eyes but they don't get puffy or anything
I just use pink concealer to balance it out and if I put too much on then I balance out the too much pink with some yellow concealee
Don't sleep on your face ever
Make some green tea, and put them in ice cube trays to freeze them then put them in a clean Muslin cloth and hold it against your under eye
Place cold cucumbers on your eyes for 20 mins
Drink more water
You have to get more sleep :frown:, try drinking more water,sleeping on your back and eye creams
Buy a colour correcter and a concealer.
COLD STUFF!! Lots of it! I read its called by constriction of blood vessels or something like that idk I am no doctor :P

Freeze up some tea bags and apply them to your eyes before getting some sleep. Cucumbers help too!

Try washing your face with cold water and google some tips :smile:
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How come you can't sleep sooner than midnight?

Get home late and lots of work, doing A-Levels

Thanks for the advice everyone, seems the answer is water and frozen tea bags
Home Bargains sells "Snake Venom Eye Cream" for under £2, allegedly works in just four weeks. i'm giving it a try and I think i'm beginning to see a result! maybe try it? it's only £2 it'll hardly break the bank
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They're big, fat, purple and ugly af - I need to know how to get rid of them.

Can't change my sleeping pattern, 00:00 - 06:00

Are there any ointments or something which can hide them. I'm a guy if that makes any difference.

Thanks in advance

get a botanical under eye roll on
that what I use and I'm awake 36 then sleep for 12 and so on
it cost me about £10 but it lasts me 3 months so it a good price and makes a real difference
More sleep and lots of water. I have the same 😩 Like these dark and kinda lumpy bags under my eyes 😔
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They're big, fat, purple and ugly af - I need to know how to get rid of them.
Thanks in advance

First treatment:
I am using ice cubes for the eye bags. Apply ice cubes gently on the dark circles. This technique will vanish 50% of the dark circles.
Second treatment:
Take coconut water and massage it on your eye bags, leave it for few hours and then rinse with water. Use this technique 2 or 3 times a day. After few months, you will see better results.
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DermalMD Under eye circles Serum is one of the best under eye care products I’ve used and it’s so much more affordable then a lot of products!

The most important thing for me is it does not irritate my eyes! When I put product under my eyes often the ingredients and/or scent will cause an allergic reaction and I’ll be have sniffy/burning eyes all day.

Highly recommend this. Looks like a little tube but you only a dab.
I have been searching for a fast working and affordable way to reduce bags under my eyes. I have had a hard time sleeping over the last year but I still have to give the appearance of being rested. I use a couple drops of dermalmd serum prior to heading off to work and instantly the puffiness goes away.