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Has anyone done BTEC National Diploma Public Services??

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    it seems like very rare people do this course, im applying for the first diploma at the mo but they said the course mite not run (not enough people), so i might have to do a random bect first before i can progres to the national diploma

    just wondering what the course like? if u done or doing this course what do u hope to do after it?

    A lot of my friend's had done it! (at differnt levels.)

    You do things like Law, team work, citizenship and Army cadets (was uniformed). Most are off to join the public services like police force e.g.

    i havent, but quite a few people i know have done it, they hope to join the forces mainly, the r.a.f and police.

    theyve all told me they really enjoyed it, there's loads of team work & activities involved & a really fun course!

    could passing the National Diploma in Public Services get you a Guaranteed place in a fire service?

    no definitely not. i cant say that ive ever tried to, though im sure you would have to undergo medical and fitness tests along with probably a few more. it would give to a foot on the ladder though and show that you have thought about this career path for a while, and through studying the diploma you will have gained lots of useful infomation, skills etc that you could apply to this position.

    (Original post by DuffySmith)
    could passing the National Diploma in Public Services get you a Guaranteed place in a fire service?
    There are no guarantees with it. It will give you a good understanding of what is required to join the public services though and help prepare you for applying. For the Record, I did the BTEC in 2003-2005 and I'm currently in my 3rd year at uni, studying Law. I graduate in July and I've applied to the police, got my final interview on Tuesday.
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Updated: February 20, 2008
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