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York vs Leeds; Manchester vs Sheffield

Definitely applying to do Economics at Warwick and Nottingham, most likely going for Economics and Finance at Bristol, leaving me with two other options. I'm going for another AAA course and a AAB course, and I've narrowed it down to York or Leeds and Manchester or Sheffield respectively.

Leeds, York, Manchester, Sheffield is the national rankings order overall, but all are not too far apart from each other, while for Economics the rankings are the same but Sheffield ranked above Manchester.

Having considered IB in the future (it's more of an ambitious aim due to the competition etc) and looked at targets and semi targets, Manchester seems to be the most highly rated out of all four them despite the lower entry requirements. In terms of York vs Leeds, I've seen York come up slightly more than Leeds, although I know it's no more than a weak semi-target really.

Thanks if you can give me advice :smile:
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damn no reply what did you end up picking

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