Can an 18 year old do an Access to HE Diploma course?

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    I have 4 AS levels (BCDE) but left after completing them to pursue a career as a chef so do not have full A levels. Since then i have done an NVQ level 2 course and am starting an NVQ Level 3 course however i am beginning to get cold feet and am considering going to Uni to study criminology. If i wanted could i take an Access to HE Diploma in Psychology as im 18? and would i be able to get into Uni with this? thanks

    It depends on your circumstances, really. I'm currently going into my third year of university studying Psychology and I did an evening PHE (Preparation for Higher Education) course at 19 so it is possible, but I would recommend sending an email over to the department and explaining your current situation to get a definite answer. If you're getting cold feet about your initial career choice though, consider carefully whether this is the right choice for you. Even with assistance, the PHE course I did cost in the region of £2500 and if you continue your yearly course cost is likely to be £9000. I have had friends who passed the PHE course and dropped out in their first year of their degree, amassing around £7000 debt for no reason (although they have since restarted on another course and are loving it). Really consider if this is right for you before you make any decisions. I don't believe there would be any harm in completing your NVQ Level 3 first, but check with the university.

    I was 18 turning 19 when I started. The youngest on my course. I am now in second year.

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    Really depends on the college and/or your circumstances.

    My college will accept 18 year olds with special circumstances - the only 18 year old on my course has a 6-month-old, which means that doing college two days a week is more appropriate for her than three or four days a week.

    Some colleges will only accept those who are 19+

    Do some research, phone the college you want to attend, try to speak a tutor from the course maybe.

    And yes, you could get into uni with an Access to HE diploma (:

    I am currently doing an access course in psychology and human biology and my college only accepts 19+
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Updated: December 7, 2016
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