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    I've been at university less than a week and I know it's too early to make a decision but I just need some advice. I hate freshers, I've never felt so uncomfortable and anxious in my life. I cry myself to sleep every night. I don't care that everyone goes out drinking but I'm only 17 (Scottish university), I feel really left out and generally just like I'm too young for university. All my flatmates are 19/20. I've spent most of my nights in my room depressed and not even eating. During the day, I've met some of my coursemates and they're nice but nobody I feel I 'click' with. My university is about two hours away from home so too far to commute daily but I wish I'd stayed at home where there were plenty of good unis. I feel it'd help me a lot.

    I'm hoping things get better when classes start, though even then I'm incredibly unenthusiastic about all my courses except Psychology. The other two subjects I wanted to take were fully subscribed so I've ended up with classes I really don't want to do. The only reason I came to university was because I felt it was expected and the only thing I could do, now I'm regretting it.

    Anyway, I intend to give it a little more time but I was wondering if anyone has been through this and could offer advice. Would I be able to transfer universities? Can I take a gap year even though the semester has already started? How would I reapply to a closer to home uni next year? What do I do about leaving the university accommodation? And just any other suggestions if you have any.

    Sorry for all the questions I just feel lost.

    if it is really this bad perhaps you should drop out and defer your entry for next year so you'll be older and feel less anxious but that would be extreme and I think you need to just put things into perspective and realise that you haven't been there long so you should wait at leat another week before making any rash choices which you'll likely regret further down the line
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    Must be tough at 17.

    You cna either push through and there will be many others who feel the same, plist it works out ok.
    Alternatively withdraw if you cna keep your student finance intact, take a ap year and then reapply to somewhere you wnat to go on courses you wnat to do at a Uni you wnat to go to. Going top Uni because everyone else does is a bad idea. You cna use the year off to earn money.

    Go an talk to someone like your tutor or a welfare counsellor. They cna run through the options with you. Its very common for students to feel homesick and most get over it then never look back.


    1. Can you transfer? You need to contact the uni you wnat to go to to see if they would take you and then your own to see if they will release you. You need someone who knows the rules but in English unis at least its common for you to be able to withdraw up to 14 days after you start. You need to talk to someone to see what the rules say.

    2. Yes to Gap year. You jst go through the withdrawal procedures for your uni.

    3. To reapply you would have to fully withdraw- again you need to look at the procedures on the website. They will be there ot ask an advisor or ask admissions. Make sure its really what you wnat to do though and its not just panic.

    4. Accommodation you need to read the rules. There might be a fee or penalty bit it will be in your accommodation contract. Ar this stage they probably still ahve freshers who will take it over.

    5. Its really up to you. Most people get over homesickness, but you dont really seem keen on uni or your course. Talk to epople you trust and your parents, but make the decision soon. It may be you cna withdraw without incurring course fee costs which could be worth £££.

    You need to get busy talking to people and researching the rules. they are different and unique to every university. I cnat say stick with it or go because im not you and im not there.
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    Good advice above, if you're really uncomfortable talk with university staff about it. They'll have people who can help get you through it or explore your other options

    Don't feel that university is your only option either. You don't have to go if you don't feel like it. It's not expected at all and you almost always have other choices.
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