Do Cambridge look at GCSEs for medicine applications??

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    I want to apply to medicine at Cambridge, but can someone tell me whether they score your GCSEs?
    I got 2A*s, 6As, and 2Bs. I know that these GCSEs are not nearly strong enough, but I went to a secondary school which was in special measures the year I sat my GCSEs.
    For college, I go to a better place, and I have gotten 4As at AS Level, so really, my crappy GCSEs are actually due to me going to one of the worst schools in my city.
    Will they still score my GCSEs, or will they just look at my ASs and my predicted grades??

    Thank you
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    Also, if I apply to cambridge, apparently they want their personal statement in a certain format. This means that other universities apparently "recognise through the format of your personal statement that you've applied to Cambridge and automatically reject you".
    This is something I heard from a friend - her cousin apparently applied to 5 unis and cambridge was one of them and because the other unis knew that she had applied to cambridge they rejected her.

    Does anyone know if this really happens?? I really want to apply to medicine at Cambridge, but I can't guarantee I'll get a place there so I'm worried if this means other unis will reject me??

    Thanks again x

    They do "look at" GCSEs but AFAIK they don't have such a rigid scoring system as places like Oxford, and they do look at contextual data, so your being at a poor school will be taken into account. It's only one small part of a much bigger picture, so it certainly wouldn't be a waste of time for you to apply.

    The thing about wanting the PS in a certain format is rubbish. Just write a normal PS - you get an extra questionnaire (the SAQ) where you can write an additional Cambridge-specific PS if needed. Plenty of people apply to Cambridge and still get offers from other places, myself included, just look at the "Medics and Applicants Profiles" thread in this forum.

    Hi there,
    if i'm an eu student and i haven't done gcse how would cambridge assess my application? i'm currently taking polish matura and i'm predicted 90% in advanced biology, chemistry and english, also maths and polish literature (basic level) 90%
    any advice?

    Hey, well I've heard from multiple people that went to Cambridge that they don't rely heavily on GCSE's unlike Oxford. So you should be fine If you have amazing a levels and meet the requirements, you will most likely get in. I know someone on YouTube that didn't do too good at GCSE (some of which was because of other factors). He got 2 B's, 5C's and 2D's and got in due to the fact that his a levels were really good ( 2 A*s and an A ). So honestly, speaking of your A levels are amazingly good, I doubt they'd even consider your GCSEs. hope this helped. I've checked on the Cambridge website and it states that most candidates have at least "4 or 5 A*/A at GCSE" but there is "no requirement" so you should be fine
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