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    Hey there. First post on this site.

    So, i started college recently, and i'm doing a Level 3 BTEC extended Diploma in IT alongside A-level maths. Got more than enough grades to study a-levels, but i'm more of a coursework guy than i am an exam guy. That being said, i came into this course super excited, knowing that i'll be studying one of the few subjects i truly have an undying passion for. Yet, for some reason even though i'm excelling in all of the work given to us so far, i'm bored out of my mind. It's not that it's hard, since i've been reading about and doing IT related things since i was a little boy in year 6, but for some reason. This course is really boring me to death.

    Granted i know i just started and the best is yet to come, but i really feel like im dragging it on at the moment. I'm in love with Game design, and i'd love to persue it, but im afraid that a qualification in game design won't take me very far uni-wise. As the uni i want to go to and the course i want to do there are of high standard. That being said, i just know i'd be enjoying myself a lot more there than currently now.

    Which is why i've come to this site for assistance. I'm really in a unfortunate Dilemma and i'd love some decisive advice from any of you guys. Thanks.

    BTEC IT is boring tbh

    The fact is, unfortunately, that BTECs weren't really designed for university - hence most offers and entry requirements are based on A-Levels and their subsequent UCAS points. I'd suggest researching apprenticeships (an alternative to uni and a potential way out from a course you dislike), or perhaps changing your BTEC course altogether. A-level Computer Science or something of the like would combine nicely with A-Level Maths, so you'd still be able to keep that subject the same.

    Other than that, I can only suggest that you give the course another month or two to really get going!
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Updated: October 12, 2016
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