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    I've always been told you need a decent strength base to begin with, and as a beginner you should be doing full body 3 x a week.

    I've tried the ICF 5x5, SS and Stronglifts (all much of a muchness) over the years. Minimal muscle gains for time spent doing them.
    The problem with them for me personally was that in order to progressively overload at the pace these routines set, i had to eat a lot, and i mean a lot.
    As a result I gained some mass, but too much BF for my liking. Not only that but my mobility was worse, hip flexors got tight with squatting so much, developed lower back pain too.
    I cut and reset doing a 5 day per week bro split. I've been on it for 6 months and gains have increased a huge amount compared to what I was doing.
    Fat gains are minimum, strength goes up on my lifts at the same rate as the full body routines, my joints feel less stressed thanks to doing a particular heavy compound lift once per week (i.e. bench once a week rather than 2, squat once a week rather than 3 etc).

    I guess everyone is different but if aesthetics are your goal, i'd highly advise giving a bro split a go in the 10-15 rep range

    I started on a full body routine, but it was kept in the 6-10 rep range rather than being a strength program. My weights certainly went up though - I trained at home with dumbbells for the first half a year or so and within a few months I had to buy more plates!

    As for bro splits... why stick to the 10-15 rep range for everything? One of the advantages of a bro split is that you're doing numerous exercises per muscle in each workout, so you can mix up your rep ranges and get the best of everything. I personally make my best gains on upper/lower type splits so those are my mainstay, but every so often I mix it up a bit and go on a bro split just to stave off boredom. When I do, for the main muscle groups I tend to start with a heavy compound for 6-8 reps; then one or two mid-range compounds for 8-10; then finish off with an isolation and go for the pump. Every rep range has its advantages and disadvantages, if you've got a chance to take advantage of all of them then do so, I say.
    Thing about sticking with the high rep ranges is, a lot of your current size will be swelling and glycogen retention - if you don't train for a few weeks then you'll lose size quickly, whereas where I get plenty of heavy training in, I've hardly trained for the last 3 months and I'm still getting comments saying I look big :lol:

    I stopped doing Starting Strength and other programs like Stronglifts. Good beginner program (as in a few months), but you got to know when to stop. It's not really a bodybuilding program. I stopped doing it because it got boring as hell to me. I feel more benefits not focussing on squats every workout and doing other exercises instead. Now i only squat once a week.

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    If squatting is backing your hips tight and giving you lower back discomfort then you probably started out with bad mobility and haven't been taking care of it. You really should look at that regardless of how you are training, mobility and getting rid of tightness is the way to keep your body feeling good long term
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Updated: September 20, 2016
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