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How often do your parents argue watch

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    On average? Not counting 5 minutes bickering about the washing up or something. Proper arguments / heated intense discussions.

    Just wondering if what I'm experiencing is normal lol...

    Never cus theyve split up lol

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    Real arguments ? Maybe once a year .

    about once a week they'll go at it, swearing at each others families and how badly they raised one an another.
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    used to be around twice a month but recently it's been every other day
    i used to get all emotional and cry but now i just stay in my room and watch a movie or something, only really go downstairs if i think one of them is about to actually light the house on fire - still pretty annoying though

    My parents can't live without arguing, I think it's their strong personalities. I'm used to it now, they've been married just over 24 years now lol!

    When they lived together he'd get drunk and choke my mum and beat my sisters. He never touched his sons though cuz he knew we'd bury him. :yy:

    Everyday 😒& I end up getting the blame and being in the thick of it, great 😔😑👍🏼
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    When they were together - almost every day. It was always at night/evening time when they'd been drinking. So I would come home from school, eat then go straight to my room. This was only 10 years ago but most people my age in school didn't have laptops in their room and we didn't have smart phone/tablets then. So I'd just put headphones in my hi-fi, turn it up and read. I could still hear them over my music though.

    When they were on ''good terms'' (ha) it was at least once a week. They were pretty bi-polar about it too - they'd have extremely passive aggressive phases where they'd literally ignore one another as if they didn't exist but walk around slamming doors and washing the pots loudly, sleeping in separate places etc.

    The 'arguments' they had weren't bickering, they would full on scream at each other, slam stuff, break stuff, throw stuff, cry loudly - it was loud/aggressive/violent. Usually ended in one of them storming out and coming back in the early morning, or if they were drunk they'd go to their bedroom and slam the door and swear at them not to come in.

    They divorced when I was in year 8. Sad and was pretty difficult for a long time, but I've had peace and quiet ever since. I still jump when someone drops something accidentally and I can't cope with confrontation or if people raise their voice. I also don't drink and people might think that makes me a bore, but they don't know the reason.

    Basically, you'll kknow it's too much arguing when it starts to upset you regularly and starts affecting your personality. I became very withdrawn, shy and nervous if even someone looked at me, never mind shouted at me.

    I have massive sympathy for people living in those situations - you're basically stuck until either they divorce or you're able to move out. Most people are too young to move out, so I found myself wishing for them to just divorce. My wish came true, but in retrospect, it was a pretty sad thing for a child to have to wish that at all. For anyone else in that situation, my only advice is to focus on school. My brother went off the rails and ended up on drugs and on the dole, I got my degree and a good job. Funny how my parents can't see the correlation with my brother, people deal with trauma in different ways.

    Heavy post sorry, but I guess someone might relate.
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