I have no idea how to go about personal compelling reasons

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    I have to send a personal and compelling reasons cover letter. I have no idea how to do this. Do I write a letter and get my GP to sign it?
    If I have to write the letter what exactly is the structure or layout?

    Does my GP write the letter?

    Do I put in an old mental health assessment from around the time I had to interrupt my studies?
    Should I wait until I have evidence from both my GP and university mental disability office to vouch that I had significant mental health problems that made continuing my course at the time extremely difficult?

    I interrupted my studies in November because of mental health problems. Now, beforehand I did sign up with the university mental disability office. They were aware of my problems and willing to make adjustments for me at the time. I even sent off the DSA application form to them(although I am uncertain they sent it off).
    Because I thought it shameful the reason I put down for interrupting my studies was other rather than health reasons.

    My psychotic problems became bad a couple weeks later prompting me to visit my GP, who then referred me to an NHS psychiatrist for an appointment a month later.

    There wasn't much of an outcome for the appointment except for that I should start taking meds and see a councillor. I still have the report from that initial appointment.

    10 months later things did not improve and so I repeated the process to see the psychiatrist.
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Updated: September 19, 2016
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