Is our Education System working?

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    I believe that it is working however the education needs to be more thorough in helping Students understand their strengths and weaknesses. Many students go through GCSEs get okay results, and then do Science subjects for medicine,engineering or essay for degrees like Law. Since high schools don't really educate students on the degrees out there. As a result many students do badly on A-Levels because they aren't aware of what subjects suit their strengths. When people say Maths AS is easy, its only because they are naturally suited towards maths and unfortunately thats how the world works.

    Also in high school, we were never taught first aid, and what to do when someone has a seizure etc.

    So yeah, the system we have right now is the best we have but it has its flaws regarding the lack of addressing students strengths and weaknesses. End of the day though, tests and stuff are the best system at the moment :/.

    EDIT: Year 11 students need to have more guidance regarding their future, many students only know A levels and degrees like medicine and law.

    I don't think it's working that well. It's not bad for academically inclined people, but for people who are not, it is very difficult.
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Updated: September 24, 2016
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