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Rant about oddities and incorrectness in the world :) watch

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    Hello, before I begin my rant I am Jamaican/Indian, skinny, unhealthy who was raised by a single working mother so please no coloured privilege, moral high ground or safe space debate-enders here. It has been annoying me for quite some time now that many movements have emerged in recent years such as BLM, new feminism, fat acceptance, Islam, Muslims, updated religions, the trans community, safe spaces and so on with the stupidity that doesn't actually tackle or in many cases can even identify their on aims, problems and/or solutions.

    BLM - The vast majority of black people killed are done by other black people. Also I believe that the majority of black deaths committed by cops is due to a lack of basic training which has resulted in America's cops being essentially incompetent and it doesn't help that anyone can essentially have a gun on them which can't be good for stress to know your protecting usually idiots with easy access to guns who despise you. Your cops have no training in disarming and immobilising, for example, a man with a machete appears your cops would have had no training in how to actually deal with this and instead point a gun at it and say don't move till it moves and you shoot and then be like had no choice or it couldn't have been handled differently in hindsight when in fact it can.

    Black - Black privilege is a serious problem, what happened to black people in the past had nothing to do with the people or the types of people in the present, same with jews too. You lot have no right to hold claim to the pain and suffering experienced by those in the past as your own. The majority have never met these people who actually suffered the crimes they claim to still face today. Racism still thrives from every single person because we allow people to believe the pain from one era can be passed down as a natural privilege to the next.

    New feminists - While women are actually being openly oppressed around the world we have a bunch of pathetic rich, sheltered and usually fat women who go on telly and tell the world that the real problem today's women are facing isn't the fact a police force in Rotherham would ignore the abuse of thousands of children because they didn't want to seem racist but that in fact women are actually still facing the same problems as yesterday's women.

    Muslim - List is honestly endless at this point Muslims and Islam are the equivalent to 14th century Christianity, I find it hilarious how it's followers have managed to keep it going but not surprising as they would truly do anything for their faith whether moderate or not. They have brainwashed women into wearing burkas which let's be honest, the only benefits a piece of clothing that covers the entire body, made specifically for women which originated from a society that openly oppresses their women in their laws and beliefs is to cover bruises/ injuries since it is acceptable to lightly beat your wife there and also, of course, you wouldn't want any lads seeing your lass and getting any ideas.

    Fat acceptance - There's no such thing as a healthy obese person, it does cause health problems... end of! Also bottom line, obese girls don't have the right to demand the same admiration of that of a girl that's worked her bloody ass off for a good body or modelling career... What's wrong with aspiring to be better rather than pretending to be already better?

    Trans - I think it's fine for you to dress up however you want or prefer to be called amber instead of andy because society has done absolutely nothing constructive in helping these people or exploring gender dis-identity and instead we have opted to allow them to mutilate their bodies. We have forced ourselves to make a conscious decision to deny reality with them instead of properly looking into this matter as a mental health issue as this is clearly a form of schizophrenia that has been mistaken by an ill-informed many as being the same but different to gay, bi, lesbian. The difference between them is with being gay it's like you just happen to prefer coke over Pepsi or vise-verse while being trans is your a coke bottle but believe your Pepsi and that everyone should accept that a coke bottle can sell itself as Pepsi if it wants to and all the reasons you can immediately think of as to why coco-cola would not be allowed to do this apply to trans.

    Safe space - Grow the F up or kill yourself if you want a safe space as you are not needed in my ideal future. Anyone who wants a safe space most likely identifies with one of the movements/ beliefs mentioned above and should face reality instead of slow down overall world progress.

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Updated: September 17, 2016
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