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    I'm very confused about my situation because no sources or universities provide any particular advice to prospective law students who didn't do so well at AS. I'd prefer advice from someone who did not do that well at AS but were successful in achieving offers from any of Russell Group universities mentioned below. It's also fine if you know someone who experienced this.

    For AS I got CCCD; the C's were in Economics, History and Politics while the D was in maths which I dropped. I am predicted AAB because of the fact that in every subject I did well in one exam (A) but bad in the other (D), along with a good record over the year and good GCSE grades (2 A*, 7 A and 1 B).

    I haven't made my final choices yet but I've got an idea of the universities I want to apply to. I am definitely applying to Warwick, Leeds and Birmingham but unsure about the other two. It's between Manchester, Kent, Leicester and Bristol.

    Do you think these universities would give offers to students predicted AAB given most of them require AAA at A2? Also, do my AS grades really matter or do universities base offers mainly off predicted grades?

    I'm really anxious about this because I want to know if an amazing personal statement would suffice for predicted grades below entry requirements to the universities I want to apply to.

    Hey, I can't say I have been in your position as I haven't done A Levels, but have you looked at applying for Foundation entry if you do not quite meet the entry requirements? Or applying during the 'clearing' period could be an option, but as I understand it isn't very secure / cannot be relied on. Hope this helps x

    Generally applying somewhere where you don't meet the predicted grade requirements is not a good idea, especially for a course as competitive as law at the kinds of universities you've listed. Perhaps have a candid chat with the admissions departments at these universities and point blank ask them if there is any hope for you to get in or not? If not, maybe apply to wherever you like and put your heart and soul into your A2s. Should you beat the odds and get a fantastic final result (AAA or A*AA, etc.), perhaps take a gap year and reapply next year to a better crop of universities with more confidence?

    I would follow arrowheads line and contact the admissions first to rate your chances. One uni might be fine and another might say no chance. It may be better to get your results and apply once they are known. Its a considerable gap you have to make up.
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Updated: September 19, 2016
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