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    Next year I will be applying to Law school within the United Kingdom. Currently, I am an undergraduate student in Canada studying at a leading 2nd tier university (that being said, alums have gone on to IVY league schools, etc).

    C.V/G.P.A as follows:

    My current C.G.P.A is a 3.75 in Honours Political Science w/ Legal Studies, International Policy, and Co-op Options. My G.P.A is the equivalent to a First Class Honours Degree (Fullbright Commission standards). When studying for LNAT in a professional setting, I have been getting constant 30-34. I also have work experience on Bay Street (Toronto's financial district) working for a prestigious American mutual-fund company as well as being the Vice President of my university's Law Society.

    As a duel-national, my goal is to move back to the U.K to study law and eventually become a solicitor at a Magic Circle or American International firm. As I will be 22 once I complete my undergraduate studies (I will be applying to UK in 2017), I am looking for an accelerated two year graduate QLD program--the faster, the better.

    Some of these accelerated qualifying 2 year graduate LLB programs are as follows:

    Queen Mary
    City University, London

    What programs do you think I will have most difficulty getting into? Which universities have the best reputation in terms of job opportunities? Are there particular programs (a top 5) that you could name for me?

    I thank everyone in advance for their responses!
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Updated: September 17, 2016
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