Should I keep this secret or no...

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    I had selective mutism throughout high school so I never really spoke to anyone and people used to make fun of me and call me 'the girl who does not speak'. I really wanted to move school and start again but a councillor suggested I go to this small school/centre (basically a PRU but not for naughty kids or anything) where other students who had problems such as victim of bullying or anxiety went. I moved here halfway through year 10 and overcame my selective mutism, became move confident, completed my GCSE's ect.

    After I joined a sixth form in a school that had just opened. One of the common problems was when people asked me the previous school I went to. I always used to say my actual secondary school before I got referred to the centre. I was too scared to tell everyone that I never went to a 'proper school'. Luckily nobody ever found out.

    I moved to college to restart my a levels this year, due to rubbish teachers and wanting to change subjects. I've made new friends and told them the name of my sixth form if they asked where I came from. However when they asked where I went to before I then say again the name of the school I went to before the centre.

    Sometimes I get scared that people will find out the truth about my past and will judge me and I'll get embarrassed. Do you think what I'm doing is wrong? Do you think I should reveal the truth? I really don't want to though...
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    Also i'm scared in the future nobody will hire me if they found out I went to the centre instead of mainstream school

    I understand how tough it may have been for you. I went to school with someone with selective mutism too, she eventually received support and help and is now a really social and confident person! So firstly you've done great by overcoming it!
    If you feel it's too personal there's no need to share it. Not everybody needs to know everything in great detail. As for employment, don't lie.

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Updated: September 17, 2016
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