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    Hi I was just wondering what freshers week was like at Durham and how it compares to those at other unis? Obviously lots of things are arranged within colleges but after these events do people go out? And is there much opportunity to meet people from other colleges? Thanks!
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    Also, do all the organised events make the week feel at all claustrophobic without being able to just go and do your own thing (can you decide just to go out clubbing for example)?

    Why has knobody bothered to answer this?

    (Original post by alicereynolds)
    Also, do all the organised events make the week feel at all claustrophobic without being able to just go and do your own thing (can you decide just to go out clubbing for example)?

    I was a fresher 2 years ago, and a frep last year...

    In my experience freshers' week is just more... organised at Durham than other Universities? Big cities tend to have SU nights and club nights and you and your flatmates can choose where to go, where Durham has less choice - you could choose to ignore the college events and try to go out in town on your own, but some places will be reserved for colleges, and to be honest I think it's more fun to meet people from your college, and take advantage of drinks deals / fancy dress / photobooths another such novelties!

    The freps are also more present - I think it's a nice thing as it eases you in, and there are always people around to answer questions or show you stuff.

    *We had 2 nights out within the week, so 2 nights ended in clubs as organised, other nights some people went out and other stay in, kind of just depends what the people you meet do. I think some colleges might even go to Newcastle, but that happens a few weeks into term for Butler.

    You'll meet people from other colleges at subject talks, and at any tasters you go to for uni-wide sports and societies. You might meet them clubbing, depending on whether your college has booked a venue - I think sometimes they share.

    The only bits which I found claustrophobic were the annoying things - Matriculation was an early morning after a big night out, we had an early mooring college talk, my subject gave me a early morning talk which was so useless. I think it's nice having college stuff because it removes the worry over whether to buy a wristband, and if you don't feel like doing the thing you flat is doing it's really easy to meet other people at other organised things *
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