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    I need to vent about this. I know I need him to know all of this but he's seriously unapproachable wih this sort of thing and I'm scared shitless of the confrontation he'll bring the next time I see him. His ego is too huge.

    My eldest brother got married a few years ago and he treats us like absolute **** when he visits home (usually every 2 weeks). I'm scared of him. He genuinely needs anger management but I've always held it in whenever he's hurt my feelings because my mum has always put him first and I will never be listened to or win in an argument against him. He will always be sided with.

    He is extremely aggressive, confrontational and snaps at us and belittles us all the time. Some examples:

    - He started being rude and shouting at my mum on the phone saying he's not coming to my other brother's wedding. My mum has given him everything and more in life and yet he treats my mother that way.

    - My mum and I literally do EVERYTHING for him when he's here and he doesn't lift a finger. He expects to be treated like a king when he comes over and when we are preparing the dinner table and food he comes in shouting WHEN'S FOOD GONNA BE READY? putting us under pressure and if something is forgotten such as a spoon or a glass he will kill me off for it.

    - He has an issue with my other brother and orange juice was in his way at the dinner table and he was like "get this out of my face" in such an arrogant and aggressive way, bringing complete tension and bad vibes.

    - Once he basically told my mum at the dinner table in front of everyone, including his wife, that he thinks her food is **** and was being so arrogant. Yet in the years that he has lived out, he's never once come back here and cooked for us or anything?

    - He called me out at the dinner table one time in the most nasty tone saying "you shouted at mum but you don't say anything while I'm here" this literally left me wondering "what the ****?" for a month because I had no idea what I had done? Honestly I do everything my mum asks of me and y'know mothers and daughters argue sometimes, it's natural? But I had no idea wtf I did for him to say that as me and my mum had no issue. That hurt me so ****ing much.

    - He broke some glass and cut himself and had a massive go at me saying "IT'S YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE SURE THERE ARE PLASTERS IN THIS HOUSE, WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO SAY FOR YOURSELF?" and I literally didn't say anything otherwise I would have started crying. There were plenty of plasters and bandages in the house but they weren't good enough for him.

    - He asked me what time sunset was and I said half 7 and he snapped at me because it was actually 7:27. Also, my mum puts the clock 5 mins ahead of actual time and he belittled us in front of his wife saying how **** "these people's timing is" like he didn't grow up in this house too??? like he isn't a sibling of this house? who the **** does he think he is honestly?

    - He wanted to show pictures on the t.v and got me to use my laptop but it was not loading and was really slow. So he flipped and said in the most aggressive tone "COME HERE AND SORT THIS OUT NOW!" saying how **** my laptop is and yet he didn't bring his own computer??

    He has also had physical confrontation with my brothers in the past.

    My parents have finally clicked on about his disrespect towards us because of that phone call and the orange juice incident at the dinner table, but it's too late because he already calls all the shots because my mum has always sided with him throughout everything and spoilt him too much for too long.

    He's nice but blunt over text and sends me funny memes now and then but in person he is awful to be around and his character is ****ing unbearable. I feel so intimidated in his presence and my mum opened up to me today that she has felt the same way about all his expectations and his aggressive nature etc but in a few days it'll all be forgotten about and he'll have her around his finger again.

    I'm just so hurt and afraid of his mood swings. He's the epitome of having a "short fuse" and it scares me to death.

    Tell him to go f*** off. Don't let him boss you around.

    Just say Bye Felicia to him next time he throws a hissy fit

    sounds like sexual tension

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