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No it hasn't been like that. We have never really been on an official date. Just frolicked around casually. He has asked me out 4 times now and I would always use some bland excuse like exams, illness, family trouble etc to drive him off. By "A special date" I meant that it would be much more formal.

Thanks for your opinion guys, I really appreciate it . he will be here in an hour or so and then we are going for our first official date. I have decided not to let him know about my insecurity beforehand. I will let him find it out when time comes. I know it sounds weird, that you don't plan on sex and that wasn't what I meant. I will let you all know if I can ever get over this insecurity . :hugs:
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Hope your 'date' goes well, OP. I know its been said, but most women have one breast larger than the other. I've got about a cup size difference in mine. I think its usually the right one bigger if you're right handed (I think :confused:) and vice versa if left. You build up different muscles or something.

To make matters worse I've got a scar running from my collar bone to just above my navel from a heart operation But I like it. Makes me different.

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