I'm confused about which course should i pick, HELP!

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    I'm kinda confused between studying Physics( and then go to something that have relation with astronomy or may be aerospace engineering) and studying software engineering. I'm taking A level math, physics, further math. I'm in a total loss. I kinda want physics (I love physics and math) but at the same time i love programming too. If i take physics i can still learn some programming languages by myself (I'm actually taking some online courses) but afterward it might be a problem getting a job if i dont have a uni degree.

    You might still do some programming on a Physics course (probably only a PHD tho). You will also probs be able to find a software dev job with a physics degree

    You'll certainly do some programming on a physics degree: most likely Python and/or C++, maybe some FORTRAN, and as iHammmy said, physics graduates are in demand for IT roles.

    It is certainly something to bear in mind when you are looking at unis.
    Different languages whether taught or just applications such as Matlab might be relevant to question the department on in more detail.
    Some physics courses have specific computing modules, theoretical physics options may have more opportunity for this as it can reduce the lab work
    York is one I looked round and their Theoretical physics had a more of a distinct split regarding labs etc whereas others seem to only diverge later on.
    The other option is somewhere like Keele that offers a dual honours type course of Computing with/and physics
    Lot of variations and options for you to investigate and decide on

    Maybe do Physics/Comp Sci joint honours? St Andrews, Edinburgh (it's called computational physics here), and a few other unis do it.
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Updated: September 21, 2016
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