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    Hi guys,
    I've never posted on this website but I like to use it every now and then because people tend to get their questions answered quite quickly. So here's my question....

    I am currently studying History and Politics at University of Westminster. I am about to start second year and I am currently heading towards a first class degree. I know that Westminster is usually seen as a rather mediocre university which is why my plan is to get the best possible grade that I can in order to apply for either a masters or an MBA in a much higher ranked university, perhaps not even in the UK. So my question is, do any of you know of anyone that studied undergraduate at Westminster and then went on to pursue a masters degree in say Cambridge or LSE? Will a first class degree from a mediocre university be enough for me to be accepted into one of the top universities for a masters degree or an MBA?

    Thanks in advance

    Plenty of people go from a 'lower' to a 'higher' uni. Rankings have little relevance at postgraduate level (unless perhaps for law or some finance courses). As long as you meet the entry requirements you'll have just as much chance as any other applicant.

    Ignore the MBA for now, accredited courses require at least three years of relevant work experience. If you really want to do a management course look for MSc/MiM Management.

    Concentrate on your current course for now, try and get an internship/work experience and see how things look in a year or so before deciding what you want to apply for after that. Good luck!
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Updated: September 23, 2016
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