French and German at Saint Andrew's - thoughts from current students?

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    I'm currently in the midst of trying to pick my uni choices to study modern languages. I know for certain that I'm applying to Oxford and Nottingham, but I'm struggling to choose my other three. I'm going to open days for Exeter and Warwick soon so I'll see what I think of those, my real dilemma is whether to apply for Durham or Saint Andrews.

    I'm from the south of England so it's simply not practical for me to go to a Wednesday open day and because of my Oxford application I have to submit my application before the open day in half term. From what I've seen online the course looks great, but I'm wary of applying somewhere I've never been. Would you recommend it? I've also heard a lot about the expense of the university, are accommodation costs really that bad? I also don't drink - I don't really have an issue with other people drinking, but it's not my thing. The university's famous for its drinking culture. Is that over-exaggerated? Is it possible to have a vaguely decent social life if you're not a drinker?
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Updated: September 18, 2016
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