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All middle children probably know how unfair family life is sometimes. I've heard lots of us talk about how our siblings gang up on us, how all fault is pinned on us, how we feel un-loved, ignored, how we have to fight for attention.

I get a lot of that too. One summer holiday my sisters ganged up on me and ignored me for the whole month....when i argue with one of them, the other comes to her "rescue" and they will both ignore me for days until i "appologise" for being "rude". They don't seem to comprehend that not all arguments are my fault! Usually everything is pinned on me.
Anyway, yesterday this happened and they both ignored me for 2 days after I had an argment with one of them.

Maybe some of you middle children are relating to me?

As a 17yr old I'd had quite enough of this crap. So I wrote a them a letter explaining everything and then we had a long chat. Amazingly they didn't even seem to realise that they had assumed everything was my fault and had pinned it all on me...or the fact that ignoring is not on!

so I would urge any middle child to really have a chat about what you're experiencing with your mum and your siblings..and be really quite firm! we shouldn't have to go through with this. I wanted to be extra sure I wouldn't be treated like crap anymore by saying I had had my full of it and would cut ties with them if they ignored me like that again.

I really hope you can all get them to stop this behaviour, and good luck
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