Laptop won't load SD Cards

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    My laptop is having issues when I plug in SD cards.
    Can someone help please as I'm trying to retrieve some graduation footage.

    I managed to access it once and saved some pictures but I can't get to the videos as the SD card folder won't open anymore.

    It recognises the card, but "my pc" basically crashes/refuses to load when I click on removable disc E and it ****s up my laptop afterwards. Such as it fails to restart and also says something like "nothing to show" in the my pc folder. It makes everything very slow.

    The cards work fine in the camera and in my brother's laptop (was only able to borrow it once, he doesn't live here) and so I don't understand what the problem is with mine?

    My laptop has decent specs and is able to run modern day games, so I don't know why the SD card is so intensive for my laptop?

    If it worked in your brother laptop then I would copy it to his and transfer it back off using a thumb drive or burning it to disc or finding some online method of transferring large files. Can he upload it to a dropbox account? Having a copy somewhere should eb your priority.

    It would either be two issues either the card or your reader. The fact it can be read by other devices points towards the reader. I would try another sd card if you have one with something on it to see if it will read that. Sometimes they can be tempremental. Also search the support forums for your laptop or Tims hardware to see if its a known problem. If its a faulty reader then hopefully you should be able to get a spare off of ebay. USB SD card readers are very cheap.
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Updated: September 18, 2016
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