How to get into accountancy/finance?

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    Im nearly 19. I've got 8 Scottish Highers)- enough to get into pretty much any Scottish Uni. I want to work in Accounting/Finance, but i'm not sure how best to get there.
    I've been considering apprenticeships but most accountancy apprenticeships are around £13k in Scotland and you obtain AAT qualifications- which i don't think are very prestigious. One of my parents told me that i'd be "wasting my potential" to get an apprenticeship because i did so well at school.
    University appeals to be because of the better graduate prospects and salary.
    My main concerns with university are just the opportunity cost of going to uni would be- what i could have earned in an apprenticeship over those four years (about 50k). Also, about not obtaining the coveted 2:1 needed to get onto a grad scheme.
    I'll be honest. I don't want to go to university, but i feel that if i dont- ill seriously limit my earning potential and how far i can go in the field. I also worry that i'll regret not going when i'm older.

    Anyone in a similar situation or can provide any guidance?
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Updated: September 18, 2016
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