My anxiety is ruining my university experience me entirely

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    Hi, I started university not long ago. I am currently in student accomodation and im uh, put in the 'party' block I could say, also in a flat with about 20 other people. I get on quite well with people and they all really like me, but I get way too anxious to approach them or even going in the kitchen where they are half the time. I get too anxious to even make food which is pretty bad... We tend to go out pretty much every night and when I have alcohol down me, that's the only time my anxiety lets me have fun.

    That's my concern right now. My anxiety, and the fact that it's putting me off from eating, I mean, im pretty much already underweight I can't afford to lose anymore. I also feel like i'm being judged most of the time but I know they wouldn't do that cause they're really but gahhh. I'm quite stressed, and pretty homesick too. Does anyone have any advice for me? I don't think I can do 8 months of this lol. Wondering how long it will be til I drop out (most likely soon)

    In my first year at university I lived in halls too and felt very much the same as what you've mentioned here. I don't know if this will help, but I thought I'd offer advice from what I did. Basically, a lot of people in my halls would hang out chatting in the kitchen and it also made me feel very intimidated so I would buy canned food and fruit to eat in my room. This might be an idea for you to do until you feel more able to use the kitchen. Baked beans are pretty delicious. BUT You don't want to get stuck doing this, however, as you need more healthy food and, hey, you paid to use the kitchen so don't hide in your room.

    I would advise going into the kitchen and making a cup of tea or coffee - even if you don't like them. Put water in the kettle, then turn it on and wait. By doing this you have an "objective" (a cup of tea) and a "time-limit" (waiting for the kettle to boil). While it's heating up is a perfect opportunity to speak to whoever is in there. Just be like "oh man, I have so much reading due this week, what about you? how's your course going?" Then the kettle boils, you can make your tea, and then get out of there ("yeah, I should really get back to my work"). You have engaged in conversation without the awkwardness of just kind of hanging around. The best part about this is that you can build yourself up - fill the kettle with more water to keep you there longer as you become more comfortable!!
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Updated: September 18, 2016
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