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    Hi All,
    I'm really interested in potentially applying for the National Crime Agency, and more specifically the drug enforcement area. Does anyone know anything regarding how they recruit and how to join. Also I'm thinking of a chemistry degree, would this play to my favour? And any further information you have is all useful.

    I imagine that the NCA would usually prefer to recruit from UK police forces (I know that their armed officers are usually former police AFOs, for example). Just out of curiosity, why the interest in the NCA and not your local police force?

    Having a degree is usually an advantage for any specialist roles. If you want to get into drug enforcement, either a legal, sociological or chemistry based degree would probably be an advantage, even if it wasn't required
    I'm sorry that I couldn't answer more directly, but I hope you find this useful anyway

    The NCA generally recruit exclusively from the police/armed forces or certain sections of HMRC (for instance criminal investigations).
    They open it up to everyone else, but the "frontline" roles generally require extensive experience in the criminal justice sector. Officer roles require that you are a qualified firearms officer (which you won't be unless you were a cop).
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Updated: September 24, 2016
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