Extenuating Circumstances and A Level Predictions

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    Currently I am trying to increase my predicted grades so that I can apply to Veterinary Medicine. I was predicted A*BC based on my test scores from last year which I'm extremely upset about and the tutors don't want to increase them. I know I am capable of achieving higher if given half the chance. I have a long host of extenuating circumstances due to health and I don't think they are taking them into consideration as heavily as they should.

    1. Diagnosed with T1 Diabetes at start of GCSE and my treatment was very rocky. Admitted to hospital multiple times, developed chronic fatigue syndrome due to being prescribed an insulin that had adverse affects. Was predicted C's for GCSE and I got 1A* 7A's and 2B's.
    2.Septicaemia at start of Lower Sixth, very sick and left school for the year. I did no work for at least 8months. I have had servere anxiety for a long time and didn't see or speak to my friends in that period.
    3. Returned to sixth form, anxiety was crippling due to being in a new year group. Experienced servere hypoglycaemia throughout the lower sixth which affected a lot of my tests and work and I struggled to keep a hold of everything on my own.
    4. End of year tests for predictions were right after a holiday so I had to change my insulin regime. Attempted to do all tests but had hypoglycaemia so was not in the right mind. Made me very unwell with the stress as well. Received low grades. Was unwell during resit week.
    5. For my as level examinations i didn't have any extra time. However in the middle of the exams the support team decided I needed to have 25% extra time due to dyslexia.
    6. Potentially have ADHD affecting concentration mainly, currently having assessments.

    I believe a level Predictions are the best possible grades I could get, so if I sort out all of the issues, attend extra support sessions etc then I don't think A*AB/A*AA if I'm pushing my luck, is that bad of prediction?

    I am really reluctant to put an application in without these increased predictions, or do you think a university will take the grades with a pinch of salt with an extenuating circumstances letter?


    If your teachers aren't willing to change your predicted grades you don't have much of a choice. Make sure your extenuating circumstances are submitted on time and work hard.
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Updated: September 19, 2016
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