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Hi I've just finished my A2s and got AA. Didn't do three due to severe e circumstances ( started going blind, eye surgeries including cornea transplant July 2015, dropped science a level)

My As are in English Literature and Religious Studies. Module marks: English 96 100 100 73 % RS 94 100 88 66%.

2 are way below the rest, and I'm definitely resitting the English one, I never dreamed that would happen ( I was doing really well all year, A* essays). I don't know why they went so badly, it's like a freak incident ? It's very upsetting.... do you think I shouldn't resit the last R.E. module ? I knew it didn't go that well on the day, but the C grade I got in it was unexpected.

I'm privately sitting Classics A Level to get a third, and am aiming for an A* ( I'm going to find an examiner to mark my essays so I know that I'm meeting requirements of the markscheme.

I had offers from Exeter, UCL, Cambridge and St Andrews when I applied in my AS year, but my 2As missed the A*A I needed for Cambridge.

I'm applying not this year, but the next. This is so I can have a break before university ( the last few years are hectic, and my cornea transplant has had a really complicated recovery, so I'm having stitches in for extra time. Think lots of time at A and E

I could end up with A*A*A, even A*A*A * if I resit the RE module too, at least A*AA, but even then would unis like that consider me due to my resits ? Cambridge will be able to see how much I've improved in resits more closely ( e.g. 73%-95%) but to other unis that module would look like B-A ( I don't think modules are awarded A*s only the full A Level). But it's Cambridge and it says hardly s good idea to depend on getting an offer there ! Does no one else look st UMS? ( I'd dream of a uni like UCL Durham Oxbridge St Andrews, Bristol but there's no hope now.

Applying for English

I know it would have taken me three years to finish my A Levels but given my circumstances I'm hoping unis may be compassionate.

Your thoughts/ guidance is appreciated.Im contacting unis too but most say I'm okay if I meet the entry requirements, surely that's not enough to Be competetive ?
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Like the unis have said if you meet the entry requirements and otherwise have a good application and extenuating circumstances you have a good chance. Good luck!

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