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    Hey everyone :-)

    Looking for a replacement tenant ASAP at Emily Bowes Court, Tottenham Hale, London at only £172 per week (advertised as £195/199 on the website). B1003, a classic-ensuite, is on the top floor of Emily Bowes with a fantastic skyline view. The kitchen/living space is shared amongst six other students along with yourself! Only two minutes away from the station, it makes an easy commute to all zones and central London and universities such as UCL, University of the Arts, the University of Westminster and SOAS.Not to mention, a 24-hour gym (fully quipped - MyGym) and Tesco express right on your doorstep!

    Description -

    Bathroom: A private shower room with sink and toilet.

    Bedroom: A three-quarter sized bed and generously sized study area and chair. As well as a wardrobe, you'll have shelves, drawers and storage under your bed.

    Kitchen: Your own cupboards, x2 large fridge freezers to stash your essentials, an oven, microwave, a kettle and vacuum cleaners are all included in your kitchen too!

    Let me know ASAP to arrange :-)
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Updated: September 19, 2016
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