How to deal with an a cousin who cuts you out/big's himself up

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    So I've got this cousin and not once has he talked about my BSc Mathematics degree, he hasn't even said how did your exams go or how did your whole year go for the last 3 years.

    He always talks about himself, saying "at uni, women fancy men, and women fancy me".

    He also said "I want to buy a car", I will do this and that after my masters.He was also talking about his height, how he is the tallest out of the family and how his brother has long arm and legs otherwise he would be tall.

    When at parties and functions, he talks to everyone else however, he excludes me.He talks about what's he's doing, however, he knows exactly what I'm doing (applying for jobs in finance), however he does not talk about it, he does not even say how's your job search going. I think he's scared if I overtake him, he's almost denying my achievements.
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    I ask him what's he's doing and he stays silent when I say looking for finance jobs.

    Maybe hes trying to act cooler than you or maybe sees you as a threat within your family or something, like sibling rivalry i woulf personally stop putting the effort in a waste of a person and maybe find more people to interact with, trust me without you giving attention he will most probably start talking to you
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    He hasn't said happy birthday to me on the whatsapp family chat for two years straight. He's said it to my father and sister, however, not me.

    I last year 2015 summer at a family football match he told me "can you give this to my father and handed me the jacket" why can't he give it to him?

    He knows very well I was doing a good degree and perhaps doesn't like me being smarter than him.

    Just ignore the idiot. We can't be liked by everyone. A lot of people in my family don't seem to like me either, no biggie its not like they are anyone special who I want in my life therefore I couldn't give a **** that a bunch of no ones are too blind to appreciate how amazing I am. Their loss I always say... adapt the same mentality and carry on

    Give him the one two bang to the head, TKO

    You don't have to talk to him if you don't like him. I suggest you don't
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    So I had to go to his house yesterday.

    Straight up he talked to my sister and he said "how was the thing you went to".

    Once again, no acknowledge regarding if I'm working or how's my job search going.

    His mom also acts strange she said a couple of weeks ago "so what can you cook" and she asked me if I wanted extra food "I said it's all right" and she got me some yesterday and she was talking to her son about how ambiguous I am in saying " all right" which could mean yes or no.

    They are a bunch of bullies.

    He seems very fearful of you getting a job. Hence he's ignoring you.

    Ignore him.
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    Thanks for the reply!

    Even when I spoke to him how's your course going, he couldn't tell me how's your job hunt is going, I was going to tell him I've got an interview coming up.
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Updated: November 2, 2016
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