Nat 5 requirements for English Folio?

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    Hi there , so I recently started working towards the folio , so we are working from different resources. Just completed my lord of the flies assignment which I done 600 words for . My assesor told me that this isnt enough for NAT 5 , so what will happen , how can I improve? .

    If I am right in understanding that you've just written an essay on a specific text, then this will not form part of your folio but is simply practice for part of your final exam. These are called Critical Essays and are part of your final exam (Critical Reading) and would be marked out of 20, with that paper being worth 40 marks total.

    Your teacher/assessor would be correct in saying that 600 words is maybe a bit short and you would lose some potential marks, but that would be because you more than likely haven't described or explored things like the plot, impact, techniques used in relation to the question to the appropriate level of detail expected at N5.
    I found that every type of essay is generally expected to be at least 750-800 words at N5, with a max of 1000 on each folio essay only, I am not aware of any maximum word count on the critical essay apart from what you can physically write in the time of the exam.

    Unfortunately I never studied The Lord of the Flies so I can't offer any advice about that.
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Updated: September 19, 2016
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