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    hoping to study medicine but for my 5th choice biomedical science, in the hope to graduate then apply to grad medicine- can anyone tell me the biomedical science courses accredited by the GMC - which are considered as able to enter graduate medicine; I can't find it anywhere!

    There are no set biomed courses needed to apply for GEM. I'm pretty sure all are good enough, especially since many unis for graduate medicine take students who've done all degrees in the past.
    I think there are a couple of unis who want students to give a transcript to show their modules had enough scientific content (Imperial is one I think), but biomed will always meet that, so choose somewhere where you like the course or could see yourself living for 3 years

    (An accredited biomed degree is useful for entering NHS scientist training programmes, when you actually want to practice as a biomedical scientist)
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    ahhh i see! thank you so much that is very helpful!
    i fancy taking a biology degree but feel a bit sceptical as biomedical science is more commonly known for grad entry medicine so I've heard
    many thanks
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Updated: September 20, 2016
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