Invasion of Poland 1939 - WWII with epic music

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    I made it a couple of years ago. Some of the footage is not genuine (for example there are Avia fighters, while we used our PZL's), and mainly an attractive videoclip, not a documentary, however if you study the September campaign carefully, you may find references in the clip.

    I as someone who knows a fair bit about history, especially this period and take an interest, can easily tell which footage is genuine lol.
    Still it looks decent.
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    Well, the german propaganda movies are rather famous, though due to lack of other sources I had to use them, and applied properly they do the job I think. I wanted to make a balance beetwen spectacular show and historical accuracy and I hope it was done. I also hope that it's not biased too much, I mean did put some stress on the Battle of Bzura and some other skirmishes which were not that easy for the Germans, I hope the scale is quite alright.
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Updated: September 20, 2016
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