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Chartered accountant to actuary?

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    Is there a quick route from acvountant to actuary
    Could a masters in math get exemptions from ifoa.
    Is it more easier todo ifoa if you have done acca

    1. Not that I know of.
    2. You may apply for a module exemption.
    3. You may apply for two module exemptions.

    All on the website.
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    Is there any one year master degree which can allow me to have alot of exenptions for ifoa. I am asking about a master degree because my cousin di ld this q year master degree and he got 12 exemptions from cima and i thoight would it work to be an actuary

    Well there are masters which give you four exemptions. Which heads you take are normally influenced by the firm you work for and what they wnat you to specialise in. All the information is on the actuary site and with a small amount of research/ google.

    There are a few actuarial-specific masters schemes out there which offer exemptions from IFoA exams. As far as I'm aware, the one offering the most exemptions is the masters in actuarial science from CASS.

    I know of someone from work who first qualified as an accountant before then qualifying as an actuary, and I think his accountancy exams meant he was exempt from a couple of actuarial exams?

    You may want to be wary though, as I've heard that some firms sometimes don't like to hire people with "too many" exemptions.
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Updated: September 20, 2016
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