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    Hi Folks,

    My name is Jeff, I am EEA migrant worker family member.

    As all of you know Student Finance are the worst governmental body for education in UK

    I am on my second uni year and student finance again keep stalling my partners loan and maintenance application and mine as well.

    Last year I was the only one to receive my application in January, YES you hear it right, after all my colleagues received their loans and maintenance on time because they are British citizens, but I do know there are cases that they would do it with British citizens as well.

    The main factors to delay applications for loans and maintenance are:

    * Lost Documentation* Documentation not upload in their system

    * Application blocked in their system

    * Request the same documentation hundred times

    We need to make something to defeat student finance once for all making a petition to UK Government to deal with students issues relating to documentation and applications.

    I am really upset with this, because I am supposed to receive the loan and maintenance loan on 26th, but my application is still the same, after sending for the 3rd time P60 2014/2015 financial year, plus they requested the impossible, they requested my partners employed a "payslip" prior the end of the month, which is insane none employer will issue a payslip without knowing how many hours the employees has worked, I mean they requested September payslip on 1th of September.

    It's really sad all students has to pass through this situation and it's really stressful, I suggest we create a petition and ask for all the students to sign it.
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    Just missed "n" on against, sorry
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    Plus We have fought a lot to get maintenance loan through EEA Migrant Worker Route.

    Sadly there is a big discrimination against EU students here, Mostly all European countries universities are free for European citizens.
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Updated: September 20, 2016
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