How to hide phone bill from your mum

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    I've gone over on my phone bill by £100 on O2 with my new phone and my mum is going to chase this up. She's changing the phone bill to my name. I've been making phone calls all throughout this month that I though were free because I have unlimited calls. Because the phone bill is in her name. I want to hide some of the numbers that I have been calling. How do I do this? Or should I ring up O2 and tell them not to tell her? I haven't been doing anything. I'm 18 btw
    Should I tell her not to chase this up and that I'll pay her back? But she already knows I've been making phone calls but I never knew that I would be charged for the phone calls.

    Is she paying for it and is the bill still currently in her name? How do you receive your bill (paper or online)?*

    If it's online, your mum might not go on to check it but if it comes through the post, then there's no way that I know of that numbers can be taken off of a bill since the bill is itemised.*

    If the bill is in her name, you won't be able to contact o2 on her behalf as any queries and amendments can only be dealt with the account holder.

    Just take it as a lesson to be learnt if anything. I bet everyone's done it at some point so don't worry lol my bill has been a lot higher!

    For future, find out what your tariff includes and what calls are free and what aren't (UL calls usually is to local numbers i.e. 01, 02, 03 and your mobiles) but anything outwith this usually has a charge.

    Also you'll need to come clean. Just explain to her that you didn't know the calls would cost and then you can both figure out whether she wants you to pay a chunk of the money or if she'll pay as a one off.*

    (Original post by VictoriaCoolio)
    Yeah I've made a lot of calls to my university which has the number starting 02 and other universities which also have 01 etc. I'm pretty sure the bill only comes online. Also the bill has already come out of her account and she's already paid it and she now wants to contest it.
    Aww well that's a start at least she's already paid for the bill and knows.*

    I would've thought those numbers wouldn't have cost anything either. You should let your mum phone o2 or go on live chat and find out why your bills so high. They might've miscalculated and refund the money if they're in the wrong.**

    You'll get it sorted anyway so don't worry about it too much!

    The bright side is they've either got it wrong or if they haven't got it wrong then they'll probably be able to change your deal so that it won't cost a fortune. *

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Updated: September 20, 2016
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