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    Hello. I'm really stuck with picking the right career path as a mature adult at 24 looking to change career paths this is my options so far but I'm open to new suggestions. I need a career that is in demand and I can earn upwards of £22k per year to meet me outgoings.

    Options so far:

    Distance learning: business degree with which additional extra was thinking marketing?
    Distance learning: psychology

    Local college access course in biology and chemistry and then a medical degree such as dietetics/ diagnostic medical imaging or physiotherapy

    Totally lost with picking the right career and I need to get the wheels in motion pretty fast..

    My background: I live in a small town in Somerset UK. Started of as a painter and decorator and work dried up. So I changed to my passion personal training but again due to the area couldn't find the demand for a consistent good income. I have set up an online coaching business but will take time to build so that's just on the side. I am looking for a career that I somewhat enjoy and that's is an in demand sector that I am very likely to find work in. Am open to all advice and suggestions thanks in advance!
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Updated: September 20, 2016
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