student finance won't pay 1st yr tuition pls help

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    My son needs help. student finance have told my son that they will be unable to pay he's 1st years tuition fees but will pay years 2 and 3. previous to this he done 1 year at college this was mentioned to be a 2yr course but because he didn't pass the first yr the college told him he was not allowed to begin year 2 when everyone else who passed did he had to wait till February before he could return to finish year 1 which he did but then student finance stopped his loans which in turn made it impossible for him to go all the time my son is serverly dyslexic and dyspraxic and finds it extremely difficult to talk to ppl and fill out forms but has done his best phoning student finance to try and sort out this problem he has applied for loans jobs and asking all family members for help but has had no luck he is currently in halls but will not be able to stay there much longer. he even asked at the uni if they could set up a payment plan so he can stay but they said no. They want 4500 from him if he wants to stay. I would go and see them but live to far to be able to pop in there I really don't know what else can be done for him pls I need some help. I suffer from social anxiety so using the phone is nearly impossible for me. He is statemented which we got done last year.

    Hi there.

    We would need to check his account to determine why funding hasn't been awarded.

    It sounds as though this is due to previous study. If a student has studied for 2 years before beginning a new course then we will block funding for the first year. However, this means we must have confirmation he has studied for 2 years, not just 1.

    If he has any health reasons for leaving the first course he can send in evidence of this, usually a letter from a Doctor or a Teacher confirming the reasons he had to leave the course would suffice. He can then be granted 'Compelling Personal Reasons' and have the previous year(s) excluded from his calculation.

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Updated: September 20, 2016
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