How does priestly present the character of Sheila in an inspector calls?

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    I have been given this question by my English teacher but I really need help answering it!
    She was immature at the start of the play but then later on showed maturity.
    She was remorseful for what she did to Eva, unlike her parents
    Priestly is conveying that the youth can change and accept responsibility whereas the older generation can not.
    I need more help! I need help with evidence, structure and I also need to link it to context

    For evidence, you can find some quotes that Sheila said, especially after the Inspector told her about her part to play. For structure, you can talk about how the Inspector questions Sheila after he questions Birling to show the conflict between the younger generation and the older generation as well as portraying Birling as really cold and as a psychopath in comparison. For context, you can write about how after the Priestley was writing this after the war, when he wanted garner support for the socialist movement and criticise how the "fat cat" capitalist elite have been running the country thus far. Hope that helps.
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Updated: September 20, 2016
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