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    So I've dropped out of Sixth Form in my second year (bad attendance), and now no college will accept as it is late in September. I've got no college to attend at 17, and from 18 onwards its no longer free. I'm so lost and feeling a lot of anxiety about my future. I very badly want to goto University and hoped to get a graduate job upon graduation, but thats no longer possible without a level 3 qualification. I am at risk of becoming NEET and have noone to turn to for advice.

    I've heard of Access courses, are they possible to be taken at 17?

    Normally its a min age of 19.

    Your poor attendance was just this month or it was last year?

    You will need to find soemthing to do at 17. What about an appreniceship. maybe go and see your local career counsellor or talk to ab adviser on national careers.

    If you want to go to Uni, then why did you have poor attendance?
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Updated: September 20, 2016
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