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    Okay so I am doing Biology, Ancient history, Psychology and English Language I really want to go into medicine I have been passionate since like 12 but I don't know why but coming up to my GCSE results and choosing my A levels I was ruling out medicine and decided against doing it and was thinking of a research career preferably biological in hope to do a life sciences degree and then a postgrad. I did achieve grades to do chemistry but decided against it as I thought I wanted to do life sciences and I didn't NEED chemistry for some courses.
    Anyway it seems my heart really is set on medicine and I really want to do it I have been building up on my work experience and have recently got involved with a programme I think would really help me on my application.
    My problem is is the limited amounts of universities that offer the foundation course I am looking at Manchester as that is my closest uni and honestly the university I have wanted to go to since I learnt what university was.
    However I obviously can't just apply to one med school and I realise the level of competition.
    Does anyone know of any med schools near manchester uni that offer pre-med courses? unfortunately Sheffield have stopped their course
    Does anyone have experience or know anyone that did a foundation year and how did they manage to get onto it?
    Any tips and advice please would be really welcome
    Oh by the way I have asked my college if I could do chemistry but they said it was too late

    If you want to go into medicine you need to lose the idea that you can stay in one place.

    Even putting med school aside (which you are not going to be able to do), jobs are allocated competitively and inevitably involve at least two cities. It's entirely possible your first job will be in Plymouth, or Aberdeen, and even if you did secure a Manchester placement (competitive), it would be Manchester and another city. This will be the case for the first 5-10 years of your career.

    A career in medicine, with the current setup, requires a lot of personal sacrifice. You have to accept this and apply it to your current situation.
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Updated: September 20, 2016
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