Can I fit in here?

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    The answer is yes. The here is the space between my wall and the back of my bed.

    I am currently sitting - strike that - hiding behind my bed because I'm feeling extremely anxious and do not feel like dealing with my family at the moment.

    Welcome to my freshers blog! I will probably delete it before anyone reads it!

    Join an anxious, depressed, socially awkward, geek, ethnic minority who is used to being the majority, non alcohol drinking, introverted, extremely blunt girl through her first year at university!

    Does this sound appealing? No! But read on anyway.
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    A basic introduction of myself...

    I'm about to start (on the following Monday) a degree in Nursing @ a university up north .

    I'm moving all the way from London (I know :O) and have completely mixed feelings - I want to have freedom but my anxiety has resulted in me freaking myself out about it (nothing new there). The fact that a lot of my friends who've already started haven't had anything good to say about their university experience is certainly not helping!

    I of course have a few other worries...

    Such as the fact it is statistically more likely that I will encounter racism and or islamophobia moving from an area that is made up of 59% ethnic minorities to an area that has 10% ethnic minorities. Considering that I have miraculously never had to deal with racism or islamophobia, this issue particularly scares me

    Or the fact that I do not drink and that may automatically make me an outsider of sorts?

    Let's not forget the deep rooted mental health issues that have a way of getting in the way of everything!

    I don't know how this year is going to go but if you're worried about facing any of these problems (or even if you're not ) why don't you tag along and see how it goes?
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    Update: I have since left the space between my bed and the wall, but boy do I miss it.

    It is the day before I move I'm leaving at six in the morning so I can get there in time

    I haven't written much since I have yet to start but hopefully this will pick up starting tomorrow. In all honesty this very well may be my last post, but we can hope

    Good Luck going to Uni

    imjustnotnormal How is it going?
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Updated: September 27, 2016
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